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We make websites rank.

SEO Durban South Africa is specialised in  Search engine optimisation, We are located In Durban South Africa. Every SEO project is different and that is why we always give FREE SEO audit quotes.

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SEO DURBAN South Africa

SEO Durban offers a wide range of services to help your business succeed. From web design and coding, website hosting or Search engine optimisation - we have you covered with the best in town! We don't believe in long-term contracts either; our goal is always customer satisfaction which starts by providing quality work on time every single week without fail as well being competitively priced so even small businesses can afford us.

Who is SEO Durban

SEO Durban is a Search Engine Optimisation Company, we are specialised in optimising websites, We have been working with SEO since 2007 and we have been so grateful to work with some of the finest web designers, web coders and company owners in South Africa and overseas. No work is too big or too small for us and we never lock our customers into long-running contracts. Search engine optimisation is our passion.  

What SEO Durban does

We have specialised in optimising the ON-Page SEO part of the search engine optimisation process, the reason for that is, it is the most powerful part of Search engine optimisation that can be done to any website out there. We have the knowledge to it and that makes us one of the few agencies in South Africa that can do this part as well as we do it. We read and write HTML, CSS and Javascript code. We are superusers in Wordpress. More than 35% of all websites are built with Wordpress. We do also hard code websites from the bottom up with or with out frameworks.  
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The Search Engine Optimisation Company from Durban

Yes, we are located north of Durban in uMhlanga KZN South Africa, but our customers are from all over South Africa and the rest of the world. We have over 15 years of experience in the SEO industry by making our customers website rank in the Serps.

What is SEO and how it works?

What is Search engine optimisation?

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website through search engine ranking results. We optimise your website code and a lot of other factors so your website rank Higher on the Search engines. 
Google uses around 200 Ranking factores, you can read about them on backlinko website.

Why is Search engine optimisation important?

All businesses that market their products online need the SEO services to increase the number of users on their websites and meet their marketing goals. SEO boosts the ranking of the business website on the search engines result pages also called SERPs. The better the website ranks on the SERPs the more customers visits the website. 

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Search engine optimisation changes can take effect after a few hours. If the website is new the normal time for Google Bot to rank the website is between 4 - 8 months. We can help Google to find the new website faster and help the Google Bot to understand the service that your company is selling. SEO is all about helping the Google bot to understand the website and where Google needs to rank the website in the SERPs.

Mobile-Friendly Website

📲 What is mobile optimisation?

Mobile optimisation is when the website is optimised for the smartphone and taplet users, the amount of users on mobile devises are constant getting bigger. We look at site design, site structure, page speed and more to ensure the ease of use for the mobile users. In other words a Mobile friendly website. Google ranks websites that are Mobile friendly over websites that is not optimised for Mobile devices. 

SEO services

SEO Services. We do mostly On-Page SEO for our clients, the reason is that this type of SEO is the most cost-effective optimisation you can do for your business website. We have one free SEO audit that tells you what is the reasons why your website doesn't rank on Google. You will receive a short description together with a quote on how we can fix the problems for you. This audit and fix is the easiest way to get you started with SEO for your website.
We do also have a more in-depth SEO Audit, This SEO audit is for the companies that have already got SEO made for their website but needs more to rank the website on Google top 3 or the Google local map pack. We do a 3-4 hours Audit on your website to find all the smaller things that your website needs to rank. 
Free SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit

In this SEO audit we look for Speed optimisation, Fault finding, Keyword optimisation, Local optimisation. 
Advanced SEO Audit

Advanced SEO audit

In this SEO Audit, we include a more in-depth audit of the website, We use advanced tools to find all the updates needed on the website for it to rank 🥇. 
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Wade Howard Director of OD Media(PTY)LTD
"They did a thorough job and weren't one of those set companies that promise you page 1 on Google after a few days."
Read the full review here
CCTV installer Durban

"With the great help from SEO-Durban we have achieved rankings we never could have dreamed about, We rank on the first page with more than 20 keywords and we are always in the top 3 map pack"

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frequently asked SEO questions. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity of traffic to your website through search engine ranking results. We optimise your website code and a lot of other factors so your website rank higher on the Search engines.

Why does SEO matter?

You can spend all your money on a beautiful website with all the best information for your customers.
What does it matter if your customers can’ t find your website when they search on Google.

What is a SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate makes the connection between your web server and the user/customers computer or smartphone secure by encrypting the data between the two. in 2020 Google has announced that SSL certificates are a ranking factor.  

What is mobile first Design?

When the web designer designs a new website, they design the mobile site first and thereafter the desktop version. Today the mobile version is used more than the desktop version.

Why is site speed important?

Website speed or website performance is one of the top 10 reasons a website ranks. We do optimise websites to load faster by reducing the number of requests, the total file size and by optimising the server/WordPress installation.

what is Conversion Rate Optimization? (CRO)

We analyse your visitor's patterns and optimise for getting a better conversion rate (CRO) from your website visitors. Online customers leave without saying a word, but they leave a digital trace we can use to find out why.

What SEO keywords to use?

To choose the right SEO keywords, is one of the most important things to get right, the most searched keywords are not always the most important for your business website. If your website is new you can't compete with the bigger sites and therefore your keywords should be some easier competitor wise.  

How much does SEO cost?  

The Cost of having SEO made on a website is always different from website to website, it all depends on how much word is needed for the website to rank in the market niche it is in. The first quote we give with the free SEO audit is always to solve the on-site SEO problems, that quote is normal between 3500 and 15000 Rand ex. Vat.  

Quality coding?

Quality coding is important because Google uses a Bot to scan thru your website and if the bot is not helped along the way, Google might not get the information they need to rank your website high.
We read and write in most coding languages. HTML - CSS - Javascript - PHP. But we also master Wordpress SEO.


We can build your backlinks for you. This part of Search engine optimisation (SEO)has lost a lot of strength over the last few updates Google has made. We do still recommend that you have the right Backlinks from the right niche websites.


We know what works for Google and how to rank HIGH
(everyone says that right).
We can prove IT!!!
Click on one of the images below and see for your self.

Workspace Recruitment Agency

We just finished the redesign of the website, The webdesign was made in Wix and we redesigned the website with Oxygen page builder for Wordpress. The Website is in progress and will be ajusted. 
recruitment agency durban

We are the best ranking SEO company in Durban

This is why you should choose SEO-Durban to optimise your website. We do outrank every single competitor in the Durban area.   
SEO company Durban Google search

Odmedia ranks with more than 10 keywords between the top 5 websites and in the local map pack.
Ocean Driven Media - rank picture

How We Do SEO Audits

Analyse tools

We run the website thru our SEO tools and we look at the bare code of the website

SEO recearch

We look at how the page rank on Google and on Google maps


We test the website on mobile and desktop with our tools.


Does the design follow Google guidelines

Audit report

We explain what we found in an email and if the customer prefers we set up a meeting and explains what is needed for the website to rank on Google  
GET A QUOTE wrote about SEO-Durban

"Looking for a trustworthy search engine optimization company to manage your project? We curated a list of the leading SEO companies to help you find the right provider for your SEO needs. Each company is ranked using the Clutch methodology including, detailed client interviews, ratings, and in-depth industry research. Compare the best companies to find which SEO provider is best for your project."
Best SEO company in Umhlanga Durban

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