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Apr 1, 2020

How to write an SEO friendly blog post-2020

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In this blog post, we will explain how you can write the most SEO friendly blog post in 2020 and we will explain how it is done step by step.

  • SEO Friendly Blog posts in 2020
  • Blog post Title tags / Headings
  • SEO friendly blog post headings
  • Add Images
  • SEO friendly Subtitle
  • Subtitle to a subtitle
  • Outbound and inbound Links
  • SEO friendly images

SEO Friendly Blog posts in 2020

SEO friendly blog posts for 2020 is just the same as it always has been, start with a keyword in your title of the blog post and write the whole blog post with a few keywords and key phrases in mind. We will guide you thru in this blog post how to add these smaller upgrades to your blog posts to rank in the search engines.

Blog post Title tags / Headings

The blog post title is always a heading tag and most often an H1 tag, that means that this heading is most important. Second, you need some text written in Paragraph, here you start with your main keyword within the first 3-4 words, this opening part should be your introduction to your new blog post.

SEO friendly blog post headings

Search engine optimisation friendly text has got to have headings, the first heading is your title H1 and the second one is a subtitle for the title of your blog post. It is important to keep the headings in order, fist H1 then H2 and now we will explain the H3 heading,

SEO Headings and Titles
SEO Headings and titles

Add Images

It is important to add images in between your blog post text, this makes it easier for the reader, please read below before you start to upload any images to your blog post. The images needs to be optimised.

SEO friendly Subtitle

This is a subtitle for the H2, here we use this subheading H3 to break our text up into smaller pieces, this makes it easier for the reader of the website to digest the text and keeps the reader on to your page.

Subtitle to a subtitle

Sub Subtitles is called H4, we do not recommend to use smaller than H4 and we do not use H4 in all of our blog posts. Here we have mentioned H4 subtitles so you can the difference between an H3 and an H4 Title.

Outbound and inbound Links

Linking to other websites gives your post authority and makes Google aware of the content written, we will soon write a whole blog post on how to make these links the right way. Until then you can take a look at our blog post Why choose SEO-Durban

SEO friendly images

Images are important for the reader of your post, we will make a whole new post regards this subject in the near future. The most important thing to remember is to keep the size as small as possible. The image that we have used in this blogpost is 450x340 pixels. the original file size was 106kb, but we always shrink our images before uploading them to make them as user friendly as possible. Now the images are only 8,78kb, We use different methods to achieve the smallest file size, but you can take a look at this plugin. Smush

This page will be updatet when we have new blog posts ready.

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